Simon Baker is a trained engineer with experience in civil, structural, geotechnical and renewable engineering all of which are very useful when it comes to laser engraving . Simon is a co-director of his own building and construction company specialising in huts and timber buildings . His skills in drafting, joinery,  engineering and graphic design have served him well in developing an expertise in the design and engraving process.

The Evergreen Philosophy

Evergreen is underpinned by Green thinking and values. We are inspired by today's global Slow Movement, which has at its heart the philosophy think global, act local - a phrase first coined by cultural ecologist Patrick Geddes. Our name alludes both to Scottish cultural history as well as to nature. 'Evergreen' is the title of Patrick Geddes' magazine, published at the height of both the Celtic Revival and the global Arts & Crafts Movement in Scotland. This was recently re-imagined and publised by The Word Bank and Edinburgh Old Town Development Trust.  
If you'd like to know more about Patrick Geddes then please visit: www.patrickgeddescentre.org.uk

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