About Us

Evergreen is a creative enterprise now based in the Scottish Highlands. We offer complete in-house services in custom laser cutting and engraving, woodwork and small-scale fabrication. We create unique products for our clients and craft unique gifts of beauty and quality.
We specialise in woodwork and in sourcing Scottish hardwoods - oak, ash, yew, cherry, sycamore, sliver birch - all from local, sustainable sources. We also work with reclaimed or found materials such as driftwood and slate.  
Evergreen is underpinned by Green thinking and values and is inspired by both local nature and local cultural history. We find much in common with today's global Slow Movement. While the Arts & Crafts movement of the past was reacting to the excesses  capitalism and industrialism, the Slow Movement of today is a reaction to fast-paced globalisation, increased centralisation and standardisation.  

Many thanks to Makeworks for this video.

If you would like to read more about our inspiration visit the Evergreen page.